Sunday, November 28, 2010

St. George Ford Ironman 2011 Training: Week 1

So I decided it would be easier to video tape my Ironman training experience rather then write about it. I have stared my 24 week Ironman training plan. I am new at this video thing so try not to laugh it should get better.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

St. George Turkey Tri "Then and Now"

Last year the St. George Turkey Tri was one of my first races and the first races that I am able to compare my progress. I can't believe how far I have come!!!

Take a look at last year.....

I think that's called the Doggie-Paddle

Yes, I was doing the backstroke and yes I felt like I was having a stroke....

Ridding my brothers Mountain bike!!!

Really at this point I though I was going to die!!!

I weighed 230 lbs

Swim Time:12:29

Bike Time:44:15

Run Time:33:24

Total Time:01:32:32

Finished: LAST!

After this race and looking over the times and seeing that all the 60+ years olds beat me. I knew that I could do better. To be honest with you I never really though that I wasn't a big guy. You only really realize it when you lose the weight and see old pictures. So at that time loosing weight wasn't a goal. I just wanted to get faster!

Fast forward to 2010....

I weight 169 lbs and feel great. Having the goal of getting faster had some other positive side effect one of them being losing weight. To date I have lost over 60 lbs!!!

Also here are my times from this year Turkey Tri.

Swim Time:06:24
Bike Time:27:53
Run Time:20:07
Total Time:56:07
Finished: 6Th overall and 1st in my age group

I improved my time by 36 Min's!!!

The best part is that my Mom and Dad did the Turkey Tri. It was their first Tri and they did so awesome. I am so proud of them and want to let them know I love them!

We didn't get very many photos but I made a video. Enjoy!