Sunday, May 30, 2010

Daybreak Tri 2010

Daybreak Triathlon 2010

Below are some pictures and links to the event. Short swim, Short bike, and a little longer run. Had some Timing issues but overall a great event. Thanks US TRISPROTS.

Friday, May 21, 2010

SGTRI 2010

What a great event. One of the bigger events I have participated in so far this year. The last couple of years, the weather has been so bad they had to canceled the swim. This year the weather was perfect. My brother and I volunteered the night before at the packet pickup so we were able to meet a lot of the participants and my competition. I was really worried with this event because it was my first big triathlon and open water swim. I knew it would be tough to place in. On top of that, I knew one of my competitors and he was really fast. My whole goal was to not let him pass me. In the end, I had one of my best races and finished first in my division. My brother also did really well finishing 12 Min's ahead of the 2ND place guy in his division. Overall a well run event. I will definitely be doing this one next year.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Three more days until the St. George Tri... I have really been waiting for this event it will be the biggest event that I have participated in. This will also be my first open water swim event. I have been keeping an eye on the weather and we are looking at 85-88 degree weather I just hope we don't have winds. This year will not be a trail run which I am looking forward to but lets see if my calf holds up. I will also be sporting my new Southern Utah Tri suit. I will have pictures and updates after the event. Below are some details on the race. Good luck to everyone on Saturday.
(Unless you're in my division)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2011 St. George Ironman

It's official I have registered for the 2011 St. George Ironman.
I have one goal... Finish!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

St. George IRONMAN 2010

If you don't know what a Ironman is, it's the hardest endurance race I know of. It's 2.4 mile swim, 116 mile bike, and 26.1 mile run. My brother who got me involved with triathlons and who also lives in St. George finished the St. George Ironman! His first Ironman. I registered to volunteer for the whole week. I really just wanted to be a part and help with one of the coolest events to come to Utah. When I registered to volunteer, I highlighted to be on the VIP crew not really knowing what it would intel, hoping I would meet a lot of cool people or something. It ended up being one of the coolest experiences of my life. I met some of the best Triathletes in the world, both past and present. I also made some new friends that also volunteered on the VIP crew. Just so you know, we were in charge of checking in the sponsors, city officials, and other important people. We also were in charge of all the VIP tents the day of the event. I also was in charge of escorting the one of the winners for drug testing. The whole week was one for the memory books and I'll encourage anyone to volunteer next year. You won't regret it!

Below are some pictures and videos of the event. Watching everyone cross the finish and hearing the announcer to let them know that they were a "Ironman" was very cool. I also had a friend from my Tri class and my wife's cousin that also finished the Ironman. (Sorry, pictures are out of order.)

Spring Sprint Triathlon 2010

My wife has always been my #1 fan and deep down I know she wanted to be a triathlete. After watching me complete a few triathlons and my being away from her while I worked out, she decided to do her first triathlon. I was really excited because that meant she was going to start working out with me, spending more time together doing some we loved and that was healthy for us. When she started to train, we were both worried about the swimming part. This tri was perfect because it was a pool swim and only 400 yards.
During training, the first time we went to the pool, I was expecting her to be really horrible and discouraged that she couldn't swim. But to my surprise, she was a natural swimmer and great at it. I was so proud of her. So with the Spring sprint looming, she started to get really nervous. The weekend before, we rode the bike course. My wife's nerves only got worse because the course was pretty challenging. The event itself was held at the Olympic oval center in Kearns. I really like the UStrisports events. Like I said, the bike was a little challenging but the run was short. My sister joined us and we all did a great job and had lots of fun. I ended up getting 2nd and lost 1st by 5 sec's !!!

Below is some info:

Salt Lake City Marathon 2010

During the SLC marathon, I only ran the half-marathon with my family. The course was great and easy and the weather couldn't have been better. I seem to always break down around 8 miles. The good news is that I reached my goal time and got a PR (personal record). I ended the run with a 1:53 and my goal was below 2:00 so I was happy. My calf at the end didn't feel good and I am still dealing with some calf problems.

Here is some info on the event and pitcures:

Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 305

Product Review: Garmin Forerunner 305

The Garmin 305 has been a dream watch. If you enjoy seeing your stats from Heart Rate to cadence, this is the watch. It has more features then you know what to do with. The only additional feature you'll need to purchase (if you want) is the cadence meter that goes on the bike. The 305 has a built-in GPS so it can track your distance and pace which is very nice. But the coolest feature is the computer tracking and online tracking that allows you to share your workouts for friends to see.

Positives: Everything

Negatives: Not water proof

Southern Utah Triathlon Club

I joined the Southern Utah Triathlon Club (No, I don't live in Southern Utah). It's nice to be in a club because they offer so many deals on events and triathlon goods. I have saved tons of money joining the club and they offer so many group workouts. All of them are always beginner friendly and they have people of all skill levels at the workouts.

I purchased a triathlon suit and will be wearing it at my next triathlon which is the St. George triathlon. Pictures will be posted soon...

Here is the info on the triclub:

Tour de St. George 2010

Tour de St. George is a 106 mile bike ride. They also have a 30, and 75 miler. Thanks to my membership in the Southern Utah Triathlon club, I won the drawing for the free entry into the event. I registered for the 106 miler but only planned on doing the 75 miler. During the race, I changed my mind and did the full 106 miles! I had never rode that far before. The most I had ever done was 55 miles and that was extremely hard for me.
The first 40 miles was fine. Then the winds picked up. I've never had to pedel so hard down a hill! Yes, I said DOWN a hill! Every so often they had a rest stop with the best food. I took my time at the stops to stretch and eat. I just got my new watch Garmin 310 (which is awesome) so I was able to track the whole ride. I burned over 7,000 calories!!!

Below are some pictures and my garmin info:

My brother Ryan (above)
You can me in blue jersey and black helmet, 5 back.

Timp Tri Icebreaker 2010

This was a cold one... When I showed up, there was frost on the ground! burrrrr to say the least! Our tri group from lifetime all attended it made the event really fun! I also met one of my friends mom's that I haven't seen for some time. She totally rocks on the bike. The event is put on by racetri. They have great events with music and great volunteers. I have made a lot of friends doing the few tri's that I have done and have really enjoyed the friendships. I placed 2nd in the Clydesdale division and I lost 1st by 7 sec's :(. The event itself was tons of fun.

Here is some info and pictures:

LifeTime Indoor Tri 2010

The gym I belong to is Lifetime Fitness. I love this gym! They have everything you need and it is an extremely nice, clean, very family centered gym. They also have a Tri every year. It's a nice beginner Tri because it is timed instead of distance so you are in the pool for 10 Min's, Transition for 5 Min's, Bike for 30 Min's, 5 min transition, and then 20 min run on the treadmill. They also have some really cool prises if you win. I ended up getting third place! I like how they score you based on how far you went in the time limit they gave you. You can check out the results and see for yourself. I didn't really excel at any one sport but I averaged pretty well and tied for third place.

Check it out:

Tuacahn Duathlon 2010

This was a small event. Has the most beautiful scenery in Utah! The event was a 1.5 mile run, 12 mile bike, and finished with a 1.5 mile run. I ended up first in the Clydesdale's division and 7th overall. My training was starting to pay off!! This event also features an Olympic distance. Below are a few pictures along with some info.

St. George Half Marathon and 5k 2010

My blog will also feature running events that I do. I always try to throw a running race every now and then for training purposes. This was actualy my first Half-Marathon! I had never really ran over 7 miles before this so I was a little worried! Around mile 8 my knees really started to hurt. I am sure it was due to my weight and me never running more than 7 miles in workouts. Besides the cold weather, I really enjoyed this run. The course wasn't the easest but enjoyable.

Some pictures below for your enjoyment.

Product Review: Polar RS400

The polar Rs400 was my very first watch I bought it at my gym and used it in my Triathlon workout class at Lifetime. I really learned the importance of monitoring and challenging your heart rate while training.

Positive: Great heart rate watch, Great running watch, Water proof, and looks and feels like a watch not big.

Negative: No GPS, Not a cycling watch, computer tracking not the best. More of a running watch then triathlon watch.

Personally, wouldn't buy this watch if you are getting into triathlons due to the fact that you can't track your ride on the bike. It also costs money to buy the smaller features like a foot pod to track your running distance because again, there is no GPS.