Friday, May 21, 2010

SGTRI 2010

What a great event. One of the bigger events I have participated in so far this year. The last couple of years, the weather has been so bad they had to canceled the swim. This year the weather was perfect. My brother and I volunteered the night before at the packet pickup so we were able to meet a lot of the participants and my competition. I was really worried with this event because it was my first big triathlon and open water swim. I knew it would be tough to place in. On top of that, I knew one of my competitors and he was really fast. My whole goal was to not let him pass me. In the end, I had one of my best races and finished first in my division. My brother also did really well finishing 12 Min's ahead of the 2ND place guy in his division. Overall a well run event. I will definitely be doing this one next year.