Sunday, January 29, 2012

My new Toy... GARMIN 910XT

I love this new toy!!! The major differences between the 910xt and the 310xt is the swim features. Check it out for yourself. The coolest part is that it calculates your SWOLF score and gives you a swim efficiency score. Check out my swim from the other day Its also very accurate. I have yet to test it in open water but I had I have heard that it is way accurate something the 310xt didn't have. It also doesn't feel like a brick on your wrist!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taxc Trainer

Its that time of year when you start to dusting off the old trainer getting ready for the winter season. The negative and positive with St. George Ironman is that its one of the first Ironman races of the year. So most of your training is done in the winter months. Well if you live were its to cold or wet to ride outside you live on a trainer through the winter. This last year I had a okay set up with my Xbox and Netflix but here is my new toy and Winter training buddy. This is going to get my bike split down in the St. George Ironman.