Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Boise 70.3

So we had some friends talk us into doing the 2011 Boise 70.3 and it was a blast. Going down as one of the best events. We drove up Early Friday with the Tri and Run Couple to check in and get ready for the event. The city of Boise is very nice and very clean I was impressed with the set up of the race. The race started @ 12 and each age group had its own wave start mine happened to be last 12:45 pm :(. The water was 53 degrees but in some areas of the lake it had to be colder. I didn't have the best swim and my T1 was horrible. My bike was super fast (Compared to IMSG) and I passed a ton of people being that my wave went last. I had one of my best bike races. Nothing special about T2 just in and out. The run course was very nice and cool it runs along the river in town and is surrounded by trees. I felt slow because my legs killed which is pretty normal. Overall I was very happy with my performance I didn't get any training in because of how close it was to St. George Ironman. I wanted to race a 5:30 and I ended up doing it in 5:06 so I was very happy. Next year I am shooting for under 5 hrs. Thanks to the Anderson family they made the trip so much fun and thanks to my wife for being the best cheerleader.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick update!

Sorry its been a few weeks just enjoying this time off mentally from blogging... Here is a quick run down of everything that has been going on.

1) St. George Tri- I took 1st in my age group and 6th overall. I also did a sponsorship with my Farmers insurance business. Nice job to everyone who participated and to my Brother and Sister who also took 1st in there age group. I really enjoy the BBSC events and Love the after race food!

(My Sister Kelly. 1st place!!!)

2) Family time in St. George- Yes, St. George is our second home we love it so much. Courtney's family decided to take a vacation to St. George and it was a blast. Courtney and I took our bikes and I decided to take Courtney on the Veyo loop. I wanted her to see what the IMSG bike course was like. It was Courtney's longest ride to date and by far the hardest and she did it!!! Nice job Courtney!

(Stuffed two road bikes in the back of a Natural gas Civic. WIN!!!)

3) Free SBR TT and Emigration Hill Climb- SBR bike shop holds a free TT in Orem on Wednesday nights. Its a 6 mile flat course and tons of fun. Reynolds had set up a wheelset demo and I was able to try a disc wheel out. I can't say if it made me faster because I don't have a base time set but I was able to throw down a fast time. Emigration TT is every other Thursday at the base of the canyon. Looking back at last year I only did the TT once and from this year to last year I had a 2:27 min improvement!!! I was happy!

4) Boise Ironman 70.3- Yes, I know!!! The next day after Ironman St. George I was totally ready to do the next big race. My buddy and Amazing athlete Justin A was planning on doing Boise and I though it would be a ton of fun. Plus after signing up for it I found out that a lot more of my friends were doing it. I really can't wait because there is really no pressure I am going to race this one just for fun. I would say that I am not fully recovered from IMSG but I really don't care I am going to try to have as much fun with this one as possible. We are going to be heading up and tagging along with the famous and amazing Tri and Run Couple. These two are amazing athletes!