Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tour de St. George 2010

Tour de St. George is a 106 mile bike ride. They also have a 30, and 75 miler. Thanks to my membership in the Southern Utah Triathlon club, I won the drawing for the free entry into the event. I registered for the 106 miler but only planned on doing the 75 miler. During the race, I changed my mind and did the full 106 miles! I had never rode that far before. The most I had ever done was 55 miles and that was extremely hard for me.
The first 40 miles was fine. Then the winds picked up. I've never had to pedel so hard down a hill! Yes, I said DOWN a hill! Every so often they had a rest stop with the best food. I took my time at the stops to stretch and eat. I just got my new watch Garmin 310 (which is awesome) so I was able to track the whole ride. I burned over 7,000 calories!!!

Below are some pictures and my garmin info:

My brother Ryan (above)
You can me in blue jersey and black helmet, 5 back.

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