Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring Sprint Triathlon 2010

My wife has always been my #1 fan and deep down I know she wanted to be a triathlete. After watching me complete a few triathlons and my being away from her while I worked out, she decided to do her first triathlon. I was really excited because that meant she was going to start working out with me, spending more time together doing some we loved and that was healthy for us. When she started to train, we were both worried about the swimming part. This tri was perfect because it was a pool swim and only 400 yards.
During training, the first time we went to the pool, I was expecting her to be really horrible and discouraged that she couldn't swim. But to my surprise, she was a natural swimmer and great at it. I was so proud of her. So with the Spring sprint looming, she started to get really nervous. The weekend before, we rode the bike course. My wife's nerves only got worse because the course was pretty challenging. The event itself was held at the Olympic oval center in Kearns. I really like the UStrisports events. Like I said, the bike was a little challenging but the run was short. My sister joined us and we all did a great job and had lots of fun. I ended up getting 2nd and lost 1st by 5 sec's !!!

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