Sunday, May 9, 2010

SHAC Fall Turkey Tri 2009

SHAC triathlon stands for Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. This Triathlon was a week after the Turkey Tri in Orem. I wanted to attend this because my brother lives in St. George and the swim was only 400 yards. For a swimmer like me that was still pretty long. This time I had a triathlon under my belt and I kinda knew what to expect. This triathlon was in the typical order of Swim, Bike, and Run with distances as follows: 400 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 3 mile run.

After setting up my transition, we went into the Sand Hollow Aquatic Center to start the swim. With this swim, you share a lane and a volunteer counts your laps. I made a new friend in the transition area that was doing his first Tri, so we kinda just stuck together. We ended up waiting in line together and we were at the front of the line to wait for our lane. Once they gave us the go ahead we ran to our assigned lane and dove in. I have to admit, this was a really hard swim seeing that I still wasn't a great swimmer quite yet. It was a deeper pool so there was no touching the bottom but I made it.

I ran to the transition and grabbed my bike. As I started to pedal my chain came off! Luckily there was a guy there that helped me put my chain back on and I was off on my borrowed mountain bike. My brother was doing a relay with the Southern Utah Triathlon club and his leg was the bike. My brother is a great cyclist and it was not cool when I saw him fly past me on his road bike.

Running was next... I was still really out of shape and I walked a good portion of the run. But every so often, another runner would encourage me to keep running which really encouraged me to keep going! As I ran through the finish line, I saw my brother, sister in-law, and wife waiting for me yelling my name! It was nice to have a fan group to bring me in!

Below is info on the Triathlon and results:

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