Sunday, May 9, 2010

St. George IRONMAN 2010

If you don't know what a Ironman is, it's the hardest endurance race I know of. It's 2.4 mile swim, 116 mile bike, and 26.1 mile run. My brother who got me involved with triathlons and who also lives in St. George finished the St. George Ironman! His first Ironman. I registered to volunteer for the whole week. I really just wanted to be a part and help with one of the coolest events to come to Utah. When I registered to volunteer, I highlighted to be on the VIP crew not really knowing what it would intel, hoping I would meet a lot of cool people or something. It ended up being one of the coolest experiences of my life. I met some of the best Triathletes in the world, both past and present. I also made some new friends that also volunteered on the VIP crew. Just so you know, we were in charge of checking in the sponsors, city officials, and other important people. We also were in charge of all the VIP tents the day of the event. I also was in charge of escorting the one of the winners for drug testing. The whole week was one for the memory books and I'll encourage anyone to volunteer next year. You won't regret it!

Below are some pictures and videos of the event. Watching everyone cross the finish and hearing the announcer to let them know that they were a "Ironman" was very cool. I also had a friend from my Tri class and my wife's cousin that also finished the Ironman. (Sorry, pictures are out of order.)

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