Thursday, May 12, 2011

St George Ford Ironman 2011 Training Last Chapter

Finishing Time 12:43:39!!!


Tri and Run Couple said...

This was the way the videos captured your journey and finish. Your entries were honest and true, which was refreshing. Congrats on a stellar race, you made it! IRONMAN!!!

SHO'NUF said...

Ok, the videos were freakin' awesome. Good job Rordog. I guess I should look into a 24 week plan, it makes a lot more since then the 12 weeker I have been using... I was about an hour slower then I wanted to be, the 2nd loop on the bike got me, and I thought I could hold a little faster run pace, maybe I should try and just do a stand alone marathon...Anyways, so Next year huh? My wife said I have until the end of July to decide if I am going to jump on it or not. I am leaning towards yes, and I know Tom is in too. My only concern is, we had a perfect weather year, we now had a heat year, which leads me to believe that it will snow race day next year. They got snow in Veyo Sunday night, the day after the race this year... Good luck to you!