Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time Flies!

Time Flies! 

What excuse should I give you that I haven't posted for a long time?.... Well the real reason is that we have been way busy with the triathlons. 

 Things are about to change as the season is winding down and I find myself having a little more time now that the big races and heavy training is done. For the next few months,  I will post something I wasn't able to get to and then I will try on a regular basis to post more. 

Here is an outline of post to come:

1. Orlando Trip 

2. Women Rock 

3. Scofield Tri 

4. Herriman Tri 

5. Mountain Tropic Tri 


7. Tetons National Park

 8. Utah Half Ironman 

 9. New Bikes 

 10. Taxc Trainer 

 Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy! Keep TRIing...

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