Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scofield Tri 2011

The Scofield Tri is one of my Fav's!  This year my father and I decided to rent a Motor home. We went and picked the Motor home up on Thursday, got it packed first thing Friday and headed down to Scofield State Park . We ended up getting a great spot on the North side of park which is about 2-3 miles away from T1. Once our site was set, we enjoyed a great fireside dinner with yummy SMORES!!! The first night was freezing and I didn't sleep the best. After a cold night I woke very early to get a good spot in T1. As I was heading over there, I realized I forgot to grab my triathlon bag so I had to go all the way back to our campsite, which was very frustrating. The whole morning I just couldn't get warm because of the cold night. It was one of those times when you really wanted the sun to rise. Once my T1 was set I headed down early to the water to get warmed up. For some reason everyone thinks that if the air temperature is cold outside that the water temperature must be cooler? This is not true! The water actual felt better and it really warmed my hands up. Once every one was in the water and they started the Scofield Escape participants on the Island our group was to go next. I did the sprint this year wanting to improve from my last year's results. The gun went off and I had a great position. I was first alongside another person but shortly after the first buoy the guy took off. I could hold that fast of a pace. Once we cornered the last buoy I noticed David Warden was next to me. It was hard to sight because the sun was in our eyes. Knowing David was a fast and smart swimmer I decided to make sure I just stayed along with him (risky) but it turned out great. I ended up beating him out of the water by a few sec's and headed into transition. T1 is a hard one because you have a very steep but short hill that is hard to mount your bike. I decided to just run my bike up the hill and get on it there because every year you see people falling. The plan backfired on me and I got passed by three people and I was very out of breath (not doing that next year). Once on the bike, I was able to past one of the riders but just couldn't catch up to the others. They were just way too fast. I got back to T2 and headed out for the run. The run is nothing hard just a short hill at the start and pretty much flat the rest of the way. Some people have a hard time with elevation but I felt okay. I just can't run! I got pasted about 1 mile into it by the same person I pasted on the bike. This put me in 5th place. On the turnaround, I noticed that I had a few more people trailing me so I picked the pace up and ended up finishing in 5th place!!! 1st in my age group!!! Last year I got 6th overall and 2nd in my age group so I was very happy with the results. Once the race was done, my family decided to hang out and enjoy the lake. My parents brought their Kayaks and we all got in and swam. It was a blast. We had another great camp side dinner, played card games, told ghost stories and went to bed. The second night wasn't that cold and you could see every star in the sky! The next day my sister's boyfriend brought his boat and we enjoyed the lake with the boat. This is a great triathlon if you enjoy the camping. You must bring the family and BBSC does a great job!

See you at Scofield next year!

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