Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IMSG blog

So I made a new connection. Tbone is his name. He found my blog by typing ins St. George ironman or something and left a comment that he was doing it. He has a blog along with others that are also doing the IMSG they keep track of there training and put blog post up about triathlon related stuff. Its really nice to keep track of your progress along with others that are doing the St. George Ironman.
Check it out and if you are doing the IMSG then leave a comment that you would like to participate on the blog.
Here is the link:


SHO'NUF said...

WOW! That sounds like an Elitist blog. Only the best of the best, I don't know if they will let any ol' shmoe up there...hahaha Welcome on board Rordog. You seem serious about this race stuff. I really like the video footage, that's a great idea. Looks like I better dust off the ol training plan. This will be fun! It's great to know one more person that will be blowing by me on the coarse!

The life of a Triathlete said...

Thanks Sho'Nuf! I love this triathlon stuff. I will just be very happy to finish. Good Luck!