Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ironman Loop

This will be my last post about St. George. My wife and I spent a half week down there and really enjoyed St. George. On Saturday I went with a few guys from the Southern Utah Tri Club on the Ironman course. We started from Sand Hollow (Start of Ironman Bike) and we did one loop which is called the Veyo loop (2 loops in Ironman). It was nice to go with a few guys that will be doing Ironman. We made great time and I was also happy to get some good ideas from some Triathletes that will be doing the Ironman (Nutrition, equipment and hydration). An idea one of the guys had was a small bag of cooked red potato's. I tried one and really liked it. It was a great ride to prepare my self for the Ironman bike course next year. After the ride the guys went on a long run. I was extremely exhausted plus the temperature was over 100 degrees so I only ended up doing 3 miles but it was good to practice my transition from my bike to the run.

I am going to start to get some long rides in every week. If anyone out there is interested in some long rides send me an email so we can connect.

Here is our ride: