Thursday, January 27, 2011

St. George Ford Ironman 2011 Training: Week 9

This week I did the St. George Half Marathon. This was my first half marathon last year. I didn't expect to do as well as I have because I have been dealing with some knee pains but I had some major improvements from last year time.

See my times below:

St. George Half 2010: 2:13:53

St. George Half 2011: 1:38:12

Difference of: 35 Min's!!!
Nice Job to all the runners and thanks to everyone who made the trip a great one and Thanks to Rocky Mountain Running & Triathlon for their great support and my wife Courtney.


tbone said...

Congrats on the PR over last year! I live outside of Sacramento. No plans on getting to the course before May 7. Keep up all the good work, take care of that knee...98 days to go!

Ryan said...

Way to rock that thing! Keep up the good work! That's a huge improvement in just a year!

The life of a Triathlete said...

Thanks Ryan! Which Ryan are you?

John Beckstrand said...

Good job! That is a kick butt improvement! You looked good out there.