Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emigration TT Series

So after doing the Saltaire TT last week I tried the Emigration TT. I really didn't know what to expect. I like doing races because I push myself more then when I am just training. Emigration isn't that steep about 4-5% incline the last mile is a good climb and the course is about 7.5 miles. I went last so my ego was saved because I didn't get passed. I plan on doing the Emigration TT along with the Saltaire TT every Thursday. The cost is $8 per race and if you want them to track your points for the series you can buy a plate for $70 per season. Since the season ends in October there is no point for me to buy the plate and have them track my score so if you try to look for me on the site you will not find me.
Next season!

Below is info on the event and my stats:

Time: 31:03 (Winner had a time of 26:34 FAST!!!)