Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stansbury Tri- My first Olympic

So with the Utah half coming up in August and the Ironman next year in May, I really needed to step up the distance and do an Olympic distance tri. Stansbury was my first and it was not easy. Going into it, I really wanted to do well because I had won a medal at all of the other UStrisports events. Having a fourth victory with four medals would have been a great picture. Morning of the event, my sister drove my wife and I to Stansbury in Tooele. Stansbury is a community that is surrounded by a man-made lake. When we showed up, we happened to get a great spot right at the front of the bike-out and bike-in. After setting up our transition, my sister and I looked over the transition area to make sure we knew where we were going. The race directors called everyone down to the water front to do the pre race meeting. After that, the Olympic men got in the water. The water was so hot; about 73-75 degrees. I have always enjoyed going after the Olympic swimmers because it gives me time to get the butterflies out but not this time. The swim course was a little short and the water was very gross. After finishing my first lap came a second. This was different. I was used to just doing one lap with the regular sprint distances. But I made it and felt fine. I have really increased my swim endurance and speed by attending the masters class on Tuesday and Thursday at my gym (Helps a ton). After finishing the swim we had a 100 meter run to the transition. I got on my bike and was off on the extremely flat and short bike course (21 miles). I had five guys in my age group ahead of me and by the finish of the bike, I had passed 4 of them and started out in second on the run. First place was just seconds in front. That's where the race ended for me. I can't run! I ended up getting passed by all but one in my age group on the run and ended up second to last in my division. Running is the hardest and weakest leg of TRIs for me . So, in the end, not my best race but I know where a lot more work needs to be done. MY RUN!!! Overall, a great event! I was happy to get my first Olympic tri done and on a bright note my sister who was also doing her first Olympic did a great job and got first in her division and also got the fastest swim in her division. Great job Kelly! I know I sound like I didn't have fun because I got my butt kicked but I still had a ton of fun and got a great workout in. I try not to let winning get to my head but it's always fun to be competitive. I need to get used to not winning because I plan on only doing Olympic distance tri's or longer if possible. The other factor is that I don't race Clydesdale anymore because... I have lost 50 lbs since last October!!! So I have a lot to be happy for and winning isn't everything. (That's what losers say to make themselves feel better)

(David Warden, 1st place sprint. Great athlete)

(Yes, I was tired)

(Ustrisports, they do a great job)

(Our Support Group)

(Fastest Swim)

Afterwards, we went to Bruges Waffles downtown for lunch. It was so good! I ordered their "Machine Gun" as featured on the TV show "Man Vs. Food". It was loaded with frits! So good!


Auntie Kelly said...

Nice job on your first Oly TRI.

Woolston Fam said...

I just wanted to say hi to Kelly. My name is Megan Woolston and I am married to Spencer. I played basketball at Bingham and my maiden name is Lofthouse. I don't know if Kelly remebers me, but I remember playing against her. Thought I would just say hi and good job at the triathlons. They are addicting.

Bubba Richards said...

Excellent Job Rory and Kelly. Thats so funny that all three of us compeated in a tri on the same day!
I compeated in the Marie Calendars Tri. I had to eat three pies in 45 minuts while watching Star Wars and playing World Of War Craft. I came in first of course.

The life of a Triathlete said...

Matt, that’s really good. What would your Ironman distance be?

Bubba Richards said...

About 13 Feet on foot and a mile and a half on my Jazzie motorized scooter.

Auntie Kelly said...

Hi Megan - Good to hear from you. Let's catch up at the next triathlon. You're right, they are addicting. Do you TRI? See you soon :)