Friday, July 2, 2010

Saltaire TT Series

One thing I have loved about Triathlons is biking! It's the leg of the race I always feel my best. I have heard people in the bike shop and my brother Ryan talk about the bike races here local so I did some research and found some great sites with lots of info on the local bike races. They happen to have a TT race series out at the Saltaire by the great salt lake every other Thursday so I decided to go try it out. I really enjoyed it and plan on attending regularly. They also have some other races every week like a Criterium and some hill races up emigration which I think I will give a try also. I really don't plan on breaking any records I just like to race against the best and try to improve my bike times.
Below are some pictures and links that will help you if you're interested.

The Saltaire TT series is usually 10k but the race I went to happened to be changed at the last min to 24k because they wanted to get some practice for the state TT finals on Saturday. The only problem I had was that I didn't bring any water thinking I was only going 6 miles. The wind is intense and the dirt in the throat really hurt but there is 0 elevation so very fast.

My stats: 14.20 miles 34:50 24.4 MPH